G’day everyone,

‘Hanging in the Patch’ will be weekly posts that will go up on Fridays. In these blog posts I want to share with you what I have been planting and harvesting in my garden.


My veggie patch has started to look tired and it is time to pull out the winter veggies to make way for next season’s crops. There are a few weeds that are starting to take over in some areas that need to be attended to. Today I managed to plant out my beetroot and radish seedlings that I had brought recently. Hopefully the slugs will stay away from these little guys! Lately the slugs have been having a blast in the veggie patch eating all my lettuce, but the slugs are not the only problem I have been having lately. The wild rabbits have been getting in the veggie patch and have started to eat a few of the plants that I have been growing. They have also decided to make some lovely holes everywhere. Unfortunately I had to pull out some of my snow peas that I planted not too long ago. The rabbits had eaten most of the new growth, but the snow peas were also having a few fungal problems mainly due to the inconsistent weather we have been experiencing.



Since I had ripped out a good proportion of what was growing in the garden beds, I decided to add a few bags of my favourite humus, called ‘Black Gold compost’, which will help rejuvenate the soil and get it ready for the next season. I used bagged compost so it is ok to plant right away. Personally I like to let the soil sit for a few hours before I plant my seedlings, however, if the compost is fresh I let the soil sit for a few days before replanting.


After weeks of saying ‘I will prune my grapes today’ and never actually doing it, I finally managed to give my grape vines a healthy prune a few days ago. It was their first winter prune ever, so I am looking forward to the new spring growth in a few weeks time.


A few years back I managed to grow a few Japanese maple trees from seeds. They have been growing in pots for the last three years and I have finally managed to plant them. I am glad that they are finally in the ground and out of their pots!


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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