G’day everyone,

Dip tins have become very popular and are a great option for container gardening. They are displayed in the front windows of florists and I have seen them used to display herbs at the counter of a restaurant.  But I wanted to show you how I turned one into a planter/container pot for some of my annual flowers.

 What I used: 

 – Dip tin

– Paperbark sheets

– Premium potting mix 

– Annual flowers



Step one: Grab your paperbark and separate it into sheets. Once you have done that, line the dip tin with the paperbark (as shown in the photo below).


Step two: Once you are happy with the placement of the paperbark, start pouring in the potting mix and make sure to leave a good 6-10 cm (3-4 inches) from the top of the dip tin. After adding the potting mix, arrange your plants/flowers. I chose to use the Primula acaulis, Polyanthus primrose. I love the vibrant colours of these flowers and they make a great show for winter. I personally loved how the foliage and flowers contrast against the rustic metal of the dip tin.


Step three: Once you are happy with the placement of your plants, add more potting mix until all the roots are covered. Once finished planting your flowers, water them with a liquid fertilizer and you are finished! It is simple and easy to make, and now you have yourself a pretty planter box to enjoy.



By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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