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It is not odd for me to spend a good couple of hours in my free time going around and investigating different tree trunks. I find the textures and surfaces of many trees to be quite fascinating. It is interesting how some trees may be from the same genus and family but their characteristics can vary so much, whether this be the surface texture, colouring or bark type. Most trees will have “natural” markings that have developed over time, but in some cases pests can influence the natural occurring patterns in the wood. Pictured below is a good example of an old Eucalyptus tree trunk that has fallen victim to termites.

©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2014This next picture is of one of my favourite tree trunks that I have come across recently.  When I am going from tree to tree I must admit that I like to see if I can create a picture out of the different patterns that occur in the wood or bark. Such in this scenario I can see half a face that is emerging from the wood. In the top right hand corner is an eye with a slightly crooked nose to the left/center and then a small line indentation for a mouth.


Here are a few more tree trunk textures:




By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs



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