G’day Everyone,

It is that time of year, when I start getting excited about all the gardening expos and events coming up for 2014. Coming up soon on the 26th -30th of March is the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. It seems to be approaching very quickly. As it has become a tradition of mine to attend the show every year, you can probably guess what I will be doing during the last few days in March. Like always, I will be spending all my savings on even more plants at this year’s show. I always manage to find something unusual and add it to my collection of plants. 

You can never have too many plants. 


Every year Australia’s best landscape designs and designers and floral talent are at the show as well as plenty of retail shops with a unique variety of plants. The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show showcases the great outdoors and Australian lifestyle, presenting unique and trendy ways and looks for the garden. There is live music and a vast range of food stalls to try. One thing I love about this event is the chance to see some of the best garden concepts that are showcasing in the industry. The show is great for inspiration and has a lot to offer anyone who is willing to take on a gardening project.


Like I say (write) every year, if you have not attended the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show before take some time off to experience one of Australia’s best gardening events.

If you are interested in reading up on my past experiences at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, here are a few links:




You can buy your tickets online or purchase them at the front gates.

Ticket Costs for 2014: (Single Day Tickets)

  • Adult:  $27.00 (Slightly more expensive compared to 2013) 
  • Family (2 Adults & 2 Children): $55.00
  • Concession: $19.00
  • Child: 6-16 years: $10.00
  • Child: 5 years and Under: FREE
  • Group (10 or more people, per person price) : $20.00

Here is a link to the official website for The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show:

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs



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