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Mystery Spider – Jewelled Orb Weaver

 Every day you can discover something that you might not have ever seen before. Today, I stumbled upon this rather interesting and unique looking spider.


Straight away, the colours and shape of its body caught my eye. I have never seen a spider in all my life like this one. Never have I seen a spider with spikes quite like this. (I have not been able to find out what species this little guy is or weather or not he is one to be wary of). For now, I will enjoy watching him in the garden and see what he gets up too.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


2 comments on “Mystery Spider – Jewelled Orb Weaver

  1. It looks similar to the one I photographed, which is a six horned spider of jewel spider

    I’ve recently photographed another one which has more yellow on it, and plan to post this in the next day or so. Hope this helps. Lisa


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