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Tesselaar Gardening and Plants expo

The Tesselaar Gardening and Plants expo 2013!


Every year I make an effort to drive a good hour and half to make it to the Tesselaar Gardening and Plants expo.
I love to see the variety of plants and especially the bulbs that are on offer.
I just can’t help being excited when I get to see some familiar faces and shop stalls.

I love visiting the same book stall each year that is held at this expo. The older gentleman always has some beautiful rare and unheard of books. This year I was able to pick up a beautiful book which I have never seen before. The book title is ‘Huanduj Brugmansia’ written by Alistair Hay, Mnika Gottschalk and Adolfo Holguin, published 2012, this book specializes in different varieties of Brugmansia plants.


Just like previous years I have walked away from the show with bags full of bulbs and the odd unusual plant. But the amount of bulbs you can get for your money here at the Tesselaar show is always amazingly good. Once again the prices were very good for what you were buying. A pack of 50 mixed tulip bulbs cost me $80.00 and I bought a pack of 100 King Alfred daffodils for $100.00, when you can pay up to $40.00 for a pack of 35-40 blubs in nurseries.
I also managed to pick up a few unique perennial flowering plants at a good price too.


I must inform you all of a find that I was extremely excited about

Amarygia bidwillii what an amazing piece of nature! (Well in my opinion) The flower stalks stand about a foot up from soil level and the flower itself can spread to 300-400mm (possibly more) in height and width.

I have just recently planted out my bulb of Amarygia bidwillii. Once it comes into flower I will most definitely show you all.


Here are a few more photos from the Tesselaar show!


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs



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