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The Gardenworld Rose Show

This year Gardenworld Nursery joined up with The Rose Society, Nieuwesteeg Roses, Black Marvel Rose Food, Grow Better and Neutrog to show off some of the most beautiful roses.
It was wonderful to see some of the most beautiful flowers bloom and some very unusual rose varieties, such as this beauty called ‘Black Jade’.


IMG_4752 Black Jade


  The one rose that made me stand still in awe and the absolute show stopper for me was ‘Emilien Guillot.’ This rose was absolutely stunning; the colour was very intense!
This Photo hasn’t been edited or altered in any way!

Emilien Guillot

Roses sitting in water? Yep, and they are perfect in all their glory. I just love this idea how the sparkling water captures the shape and lines of the flower petals.
(I might just have to try this out for myself!)


 Here are a few more photos of the wonderful colours and formations of all the different roses that where on show.


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs


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