Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

This year at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show there was a great array of  landscape designs.                                                                                                                                               


The show allows professional designers and new talent, such as students, to show off unusual and sustainable landscape designs whilst encouraging fresh ideas for the home gardener.
Such as this garden, ‘CUBE-ISM’ designed by Phillip Withers. The garden mainly consists of dry tolerant plants such as cacti, succulents and other tough small shrubs/bushes. ‘CUBE-ISM’ was definitely the most unusual garden design out of all that was presented but this garden design had a lot to offer not only to the home gardener but to the designers themselves.


You may look at this garden and say ‘What can it offer?’ or ‘It’s not really to my liking’.

So what can this garden offer? ‘CUBE-ISM’ can offer the home gardener a water-wise, drought tolerant, very unique garden full of texture/colour. If you find yourself saying ‘it’s not really to my liking’ try to look at the garden in segments. All of the garden designs that are presented at the show allow for a great opportunity to take segments of what you do like and what you don’t find as appealing. I love to look at each garden and choose my favourite aspect about each one. Once I have done that I then try to put all of them into one garden design.


This year the florist displays where very eye-catching and creative.

I particularly loved one display called ‘It’s my World, It’s all about you.’ The theme behind the display is the wonderful story of Mary Poppins and the chimney sweeper.

There was also a very impressive ‘cape’ which was made out of oranges and what looked to be blood oranges as well.

It’s my World, It’s all about you


The one floral display that caught my eye and left me a little speechless was these beautifully constructed trees that have been made out of Orchid hanging baskets. The intensity of the flowers was extraordinary; the colour was so vivid it made the trees stand out beautifully against the old art exhibition building.


Here are a few more photos for you all to have a look at!



Over 30 years old
Dinosaurs at the Collectors Corner Stand


By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs



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