Giant Cone from a Cycad

Giant cone from a cycad plant!

©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2013 Nature’s Storyteller

I have seen many unusual and interesting things in the nursery but I must admit that this is one of the most interesting and exquisite pieces of nature I have seen.

©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2013 Nature’s Storyteller

This giant cone was found in an 30-40 year old garden by an elderly woman by the name of Betty. Reaching 3 feet long this is quite the unusual specimen. My colleagues and I believe it to be the variety of cycad known as Cycas bougainvilleana. Cycads produce male and female organs which is found on individual plants, in this case my colleagues have been talking and believe this to be the male organ. I personally have a gut feeling it might actually be female.

©BMHPhotographyTheGardener’sNotebook2013 Nature’s Storyteller

When you look at the cone in more detail, you can see there are small spores covering the undersides of the cone.

It would be very fascinating to see if these spore would germinate.

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

©BMHPhotography The Gardener’s Notebook Nature’s Storyteller

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