Where are the plant informational posts, DIYs, garden updates and much more. Well, I have had a few 'tree changes’ in the last 12 months and I have landed myself on a half acre block..


The start of Winter has uncovered many beautiful plants which have been hidden amongst the greenery from seasons prior. Discovering these hidden gems has been very much like opening a treasure box and revealing its secrets. As the leaves of the deciduous trees fall, I found myself admiring the tassel cream-yellow blooms of the Hazelnut…


A large seasonal harvest at the farm. Grab a cup of tea and join me as I tell you about the journey so far.

Whats happening in the patch?

What a slow start it has been to the growing season... Here in Oz we have had a mixture of weather conditions which has left many plants confused and I dare say some gardeners too. My main focus in the patch has been to keep everything well watered and consistent watering. What do I mean?…